EU Green Certificate (= EU Digital COVID Certificate or corona pass) Online QR code generation for tests

Based on the public EU technical specifications, here is a simple encoder of the QR-code, it describes also the many technical explanations on the steps.

A lot of the techniques used by the EU Green Certificate are coming from the IETF. The code itself is heavily based on open source code.

The only purpose of this page is to show that there is no magic behind the QR-code itself. The generated QR will be detected as invalid by any good validator because:

Online Health Certificate Encoder/Generator

The first step is to build the health payload using a JSON format based on the input you provided. You may notice that some values have been changed in order to clearly identify this QR code as a fake/test one. The encoding is based on, e.g.:

Please let me know if you encounter a bug ;-)

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